Heritage: noun 1. A property that is or may be inherited; an inheritance. 2. valued things such as historic buildings that have been passed down from previous generations. 3. Before another noun relating to things of historic or cultural value that are worthy of preservation

Remembering Redditch

The Redditch History & Heritage Group has ceased to meet although former individual member still participate in local history activities. Other local groups continue to promote local history.

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Formed in 2009, the RLHS, now has around 50 members.  It meets monthly with a talk on local history and supports events, shows a exhibitions in the town.

The MMCG is focused on the investigation, maintenance and promotion of the Moons Moat scheduled ancient monument situated in the heart of Redditch.

A small but friendly society exists to inform both members and visitors alike about local history and history from further afield. In the course of a typical season of meetings our speakers will introduce you to Worcestershire history as well as interesting history from our neighbouring counties.

The Worcestershire local History forum in an umbrella organisations which co-ordinates and promotes local history groups across the count.

Redditch Heritage in an independent group of web site designed and published by Derek Coombes which seeks to promote and promote Redditch local history information.

Philip Jarvis is a local historian and author who specialises in railway and military local history.

Redditch History is one of a number of independent sites designed and maintained by Anthony Green which promote Redditch and its history.

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